CPM Our advantages
Localization : Asia/ China local basis, fully understand the publications import and export trading regulations, make it easier to present your products to most of the clients here

Penetration: We have a very good relationship with the local distributors/ retailers / online bookstores and libraries suppliers in China/Hong Kong and Taiwan markets. We specialize in marketing books directly to our customers by face-to-face communication and presentation, catalogues, direct mail, email promotions etc. We also have a good relationship with around 120 Public Libraries, 1100 University Libraries, 450 Academic Institutions in China.

Professional: We offer the flexible catalogue and metadata services to match the different needs of the people in this market..

Database: We have an accumulated database of top Chinese scholars and professors, Chief Researchers as well as the key contacts in most disciplines.

Media: We built up the good relationship with local below-the-line advertisements, we can keep in step with your Global Marketing Strategies if required.
All in one, we are all proud of our book trading background, we know how to promote your publications correctly in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan markets.

Address: Room 2804, Building #1, No.77, Lane569, Xinhua Road, Changning District, Shanghai, China, 200052
Telephone: 0086-21-54259557 EMail: benjamin.pan@cpmarketing.com.cn

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